Zomg, it’s an Apocalypse

Yes, I’m nuts. Just finished my first multi-generational challenge and moving onto arguably¬†the most challenging challenge out there?

Full rules and such are here. There are a million pages and rules and such, because apparently I can’t do just any old legacy challenge.

From the intro page:
The Apocalypse Challenge is a difficult, multi-generational challenge that begins with restricting nearly everything your sims can do. It is your job to keep your sims happy enough to rise in the ranks of their careers and lift the restrictions that make life so difficult for them. There are 20 unique restrictions that MUST be lifted and 6 restrictions that are optional.

I went with a female founder, and decided on a Greek Mythology naming theme.

This is my first time trying this, so I’m expecting failures and accidental rule breaking and all sorts of fun times. Want to join me?

Winner of the Best Uncommon Challenge at the 2020 boolprop.net Golden Plumbobs!