0.0 – Everything is Awesome

Ariadne Minos had big dreams; she wants to learn many skills and succeed at her career before perhaps settling down with a family. She left her childhood home under sunny skies, bound for University.

My Apocalypse founder has rolled traits, with the exception of Ambitious, which was chosen over Slob because she rolled Inappropriate.

We’ve chosen the Easy Start aka How Much Time Do I Have? advantage, so apocalypse restrictions are
not in force while at Uni. Ariadne is going for a Business degree, as she plans to be a Master Thief. With this in mind, she purchases a rocking chair, tabcast and Brain Enhancement device to further her skilling.

She quickly uses the Brain Enhancement to give her one point in charisma, at which point she sets to introducing herself to the roommates; we need 25 acquaintances ASAP.

Some wish fulfilling doesn’t go astray, either.

Meet ‘n’ Greet is time for more introductions. And to raid the free items; she will live on the free soda and candy bars, we don’t have time for cooking.

Before Sunday is done, she has 25 acquaintances, and we begin making friends. I’m trying to learn the sign and relationship status of as many people as possible, because:

  1. a) We are going for the Moral Standards (may not break up relationships) and Age of Aquarius (must marry someone with compatible sign) advantages
  2. b) Uni townies stay at their current age until you go back to uni or bring them into the active world – therefore they can be spouse fodder for future generations!

That inappropriate trait is hilarious; she up and kissed this guy when they’d barely met!

He accepted it, and she has her first RI.

No sleep for busy skilling bees; she can sleep in the lecture come Monday morning. Much more important to start working on the FOUR skills she needs to max out to lift the Alien Technology restriction via the Uni method. Thank goodness 3/4 are doable via tabcast; it’s only Science she will need to work on the old fashioned way.

Sleeping in the lectures will max out the energy bar in about 1.5, who needs to sleep 8 hours to fill the bar? And she even has time to work hard for half an hour before the lecture is done.

On Tuesday, instead of attending the lecture at the Admin centre, we begin the Science slog. There will be many, many pictures like this; she will spend much of her time here over the next four weeks.

Lather, rinse, repeat for the first semester. Making friends not only helps with her Charisma skill, but also her study bar; Business degree needs Charisma.

By the end of the two weeks, she has maxed Gardening and Handiness, with 7 points in Logic and Charisma, 5 in Athletic and Science. She has 22 friends and 2 romantic interests, thanks to free will and inappropriate kisses on a full moon. Oh, and she got an A for the degree part.

For the Alien Tech lift, she needs 3 each of Empanadas, Forbidden Fruit seeds, Super Spice and Plasma bug – so far she has 1 Super Spice. Need to get cracking on this part!

She has analysed the rock, and caught the fish for analysing when she reaches the appropriate level of Science skill.

To celebrate her achievements, I sent her on a date with her second RI, Ashley Corono (whose full moon kiss I missed). She does have a compatible sign, so might be a spouse option – we’ll see if Ari agrees.

She does think Ashley is hot, but hasn’t rolled up any wishes for her.

Lol, her second aptitude test would give her
so many skills for a bunch of degrees other than the one she’s doing. At least she’ll save some money this round.

Semester 2 brings some new roommates and a whole lot of the same. She maxed out her Logic skill and completed her LTW of Renaissance Sim. Now I’ll have to remember to buy LTR before she goes home and they’re all restricted.

With it being winter, we couldn’t find seeds or herbs to experiment on, but did manage to get 2 Empanadas and the 3 Plasma bugs required.

Montage of the failed attempts at making a white beam with the Group Science Project:

And, after 5 solid days of trying, she
finally managed to figure out the white beam on the Group Science project!

Ari’s haul wasn’t as lucrative as Raspberry Rose’s, but it was decent; we’re up to about $50k, only $36k more and she can have a better-than-normal start when she gets home.

Charisma and Science were maxed out over the weekend while we waited for the snow to thaw.

She also analysed the plant and insect.

Spring comes and we go searching for seeds and herbs. Jogging around to raise Athletic, because she’ll need it for her career.

Now the slog to turn those seeds and herbs into Super Spice and Forbidden Fruit seeds before the end of the week. The most annoying part of this is that the Student Admin centre is closed between 1-6am, so Ari is forced to do something else during that time – usually I send her home for a nap, or to play with the group science project some more.

The first Forbidden Fruit seed is found on Monday; she immediately plants it to hopefully get an actual fruit before she needs to leave.

She also analyses the fish, and has now done all four analyses that are required.

Come Friday, we have transformed everything that needed to be transformed, and the Forbidden Fruit is ready to be picked!

She transforms into a plant sim… and is then immediately abducted before she can even make it back to the dorm. Oh, these aliens love uni students.

The Super Spice didn’t work to cure her for some reason, and she was called for graduation before the Science cure was completed. So I had to cheat her occult away, so she could be human for the trip back home.

With all the Science-ing, she earned both Social and Graduation traits; we picked Workaholic and Over Emotional. The second may come back to bite me when she’s miserable, but hey.

She had a total of $103,277 on Sunday, so gets to start with a bit over $10k.

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