1.02 – Growth

Previously, Ariadne moved to an unnamed new town rebuilding from the apocalypse. She completed the Master Thief, Hopelessness and Alien Technology lifts.

With a new baby in the house, Ariadne was also restricted to the lot. She spent the time variously skilling and chatting with her friends.

The town continued to thrive and grow.

A couple of friends from Uni also made the trek out to the new town to visit.

She was hoping to find someone to settle down with, and help her raise her daughter. But the spark that had been between them at Uni had died out, so she wasn’t really keen on choosing any of them as her spouse.

Before long, her daughter aged into an adorable toddler. Her name was Tyche.

She was a bit of a grump, and always protested learning her skills.

It wasn’t until Ariadne took her outside that she seemed happy enough to learn; never mind the snow.

When Tyche was fully skilled up, Ariadne went back to building her own skills.

She soon reached maximum strength.

Others in town were bringing in their own offspring; her children would have kids their own age to play with.

All too soon, it was time for Tyche to become a child! Ariadne was a bit ashamed of the mismatching, patched, hand-me-down clothes her daughter wore, but there was no alternative. With the town still so new, no-one was making new clothes, so everyone passed things around.

She was, however, able to purchase a brand new sleeping bag for Tyche, so at least her daughter had one thing to call her own.

Back at work after the absence to raise Tyche, Ariadne was able to bring in enough money to buy a cheap computer. There was no internet and limited power, but it did enable Tyche to write a book and bring in some money of her own.
They also built a second level for the bunker, complete with an enclosed bathroom. For now, all it held was a toilet, but they would add a shower when the town got running water.

Tyche still loved to be outside; she and Ariadne spent many an afternoon playing catch in the snow.

Since she was restricted to only leaving the lot for school, Tyche didn’t have much opportunity to socialise with other people. So whenever Ariadne invited her friends to the house, Tyche was all over the new people.

One afternoon, Ariadne’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Corono, visited the town. Immediately, all Ariadne’s feelings came rushing back. She couldn’t help herself, she kissed Ashley the minute she saw her.

Thankfully, Ashley responded.


After some minor issues with taking a couples photo, Ariadne set about wooing the woman she wanted to spend her life with. She’d already spent a good chunk of her life alone, and was more than ready to settle down.

Ashley was on the same wavelength and was especially delighted when Ariadne proposed.

They decided to waste no time, and got married in the bunker.

Life settled into a routine after that; Ashley worked on her athletic skill while she looked for a job and Ariadne wrote novels.

Tyche had taken a liking to painting, and had requested an easel.

She and Ashley also began to get to know one another, over the chess board. Ariadne knew that it was important for her firstborn to get along with her new stepmother, especially since the courtship has been so rushed.

She also wanted to ensure her firstborn felt all the love possible… because soon she wouldn’t be an only child. It was a surprise when Ariadne fell pregnant, but they were far from the only couple in town to end up with an unexpected bump; birth control was something the medical community was far too busy to consider at present.

Tyche’s birthday crept up on the family, until suddenly there was a teenager in the house.

Ashley and Tyche continued to bond when they could; playing catch until all hours of the night. Tyche simply adored being outside, and Ashley would much prefer to be moving around than sitting at the chess board.

Ashley also finally found a job in the police force. Given the town was far too new and small for a professional sports career like she’d always wanted, she decided that being a cop would be the next best thing. It wasn’t long before she earned her first promotion.

Ariadne went into labour one morning after Ashley went to work. She couldn’t climb the ladders out while in labour, and there was no maternity wing in the hospital as yet; this would be a home birth.

It was the most painful experience of her life, but at the end of it she gave birth to healthy twin boys named Castor and Pollux.

As she was now a cop, Ashley decided she should get to know the people in town better, so set about meeting as many people as she could, in the scant hours between when her shift finished and curfew began.

Many of Ariadne’s friends were now married, or in serious relationships. She was actually surprised at how long it took Nikki and Josh to marry; they had been together as long as she’d known them.

With the carport finally completed, Ariadne was able to buy some more things to go outside. Ashley and Tyche enjoyed the new hopscotch court very much.

The babies grew into very different-looking toddlers. Pollux had Ashley’s hair and eyes. He loved to watch Tyche paint, and was an absolute angel of a child.

Castor had Ariadne’s hair and eye colour. He had a tendency towards overexcitement, though was always ready to buckle down and learn his skills.

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