1.04 – Mourning

Previously, the family suffered a tragedy when Ariadne was burned to death.

There was no fire station in town yet, so Tyche spent the next few days moping around at home while taking care of the toddler twins. When they were both sleeping or otherwise occupied, she took to sitting in her beloved outdoors, sketching sad pictures.

It was only a short time before the toddlers aged up to solemn children.

Medea seemed to be ahead of her brother in the brains department; she could even keep up with her older brothers.

While Theseus did his best to make everyone around him smile. His jokes were always good, but the family seldom actually laughed; their moods were too low most of the time.

The family mostly threw themselves into their skilling, when their moods were high enough.

Poor Tyche had an especially tough time, her grumpy nature was only enhanced during the mourning period and she often screamed her frustrations to the sky.

Ariadne’s many friends found solace in their partners.

Tyche took it upon herself to gain support to build a fire station, by way of befriending people in town.

The older twins aged up to teen without fanfare. Pollux now wanted to befriend everyone, but was restricted to the lot due to the dangers of the rapidly growing town.

Castor wanted everything to be perfect, and spent a lot of time fixing the mistakes in his painting.

Ariadne’s ghost visited for the first time when everyone was asleep. She spent the time reading on the bed next to Ashley.

However, when Ashley awoke and tried to romance her wife, Ariadne refused.

With 6 sims and only one toilet in the house, there was often a queue for the bathroom. But it could not be helped; water restrictions only allowed one toilet per household. The children learned to go on a schedule, rather than waiting until they were busting.

Medea was a huge bookworm, but tired of sitting on the hard plastic chairs they used as dining chairs. She begged Ashley to find a more comfy seat, so they eventually found someone with some milk crates and someone else with an old mattress, which were combined into an armchair.

Ashley was making steady progress up her career ladder.

After much pleading and cajoling, a fire station was finally built in town, and Tyche raced to sign up.

She immediately put on her new uniform and set about maintaining the new fire engine.

Her first fire came on her second day.

And she earned a promotion for putting it out!

With Medea and Pollux both writing novels, the computer broke often. It became Castor’s responsibility to repair the broken items around the house.

The townspeople continued to find love and happiness.

And some found bitterness.

Since they couldn’t leave the lot except via the guarded school bus, the kids had to find their own fun with one another.

All the sims Ariadne had brought to town with her were now starting to elderfy.

Luckily, the younger generation were repopulating the town as quickly as others died off.

When Ashley went out to the Community Park for her reports these days, she only recognised half the people around. Luckily, this meant there were always new friends to be made and new reports to be written.

Tyche quickly made her way up the ladder at the fire station.

She spent every day there, either maintaining the alarms and vehicles.

Or attending the many fires that the cheap stoves caused.

Ashley had invited over her boss, Betty Simovich-Messorem, as befriending her boss was one of her job requirements.

However, nature had other plans; it was Ashley’s birthday to Adult!

The same day, the younger twins also aged up to teen.

Theseus was now very concerned about saving money; he was always extinguishing the candles in the bunker – sometimes when there were still others in the room!

Medea finally found something she loved more than books; sleep! She was able to sleep through even the fiercest storm.

Ashley was given another promotion; she was now only two levels away from the top.

Tyche was quickly catching up; she was already up to level 7.

Brylee Messorem caused quite a stir when she asked her much younger lover to marry her. She was a few days from elder and he a new YA!

Ashley was out at the park every afternoon, questioning people for her reports.

She would come home by curfew and let off some steam playing hopscotch with one of the kids.

Then it was back to skilling. Those promotions wouldn’t earn themselves!

Tyche sometimes wondered whether she was missing out on anything, by not looking for romance and focusing on her job instead.

Then she got jobs like the one with the angry gnomes, and knew she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Her hard work paid off; she soon rose to level 9.

The teenagers were so flighty sometimes. Almost every morning one of them had to be thawed out as a consequence of choosing to sleep outside in the snow.

Life went on, as it had before Ariadne died. Everyone worked on their skilling when their moods were high enough.

And played around when they were not.

It was a shock when the first of Ariadne’s friends died. The town had been around for an entire adult sim lifetime.

One gloomy night, it was finally time for the first of Ariadne and Ashley’s children to become young adults.

Castor developed a fear of Commitment; but he would have to swallow it down, for Ashley informed him he had been chosen as Ariadne’s heir and would be tasked with continuing the Minos family.

Perhaps in response to not being eligible for heir, Pollux became a Coward.

3 thoughts on “1.04 – Mourning

  1. Whoops, I was thinking Tyche was going to be the heir, lol.

    I love that you’re using all the “grungy” objects and outfits. And everything looks mismatched, it’s perfect!

    Castor turned out really handsome. Wonder how his commitment issues will affect the challenge.


    1. No, Tyche isn’t of the bloodline, so while she can lift a restriction, she can’t be heir.

      I am having a lot of fun with the grungy stuff, and making it seem like the sims only have a few sets of clothes; they reuse many items.

      Liked by 1 person

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