2.01 – Training

Previously, Tyche flew up the ladder of the Firefighter profession, while Ashley steadily made her way up the Law Enforcement track. Castor and Pollux aged up to YA, and it was announced that Castor is our gen 2 heir.

As the new leader of the family, Castor set about finding a spouse who could bring in the next generation.

Some options were better than others.

He was quite taken with Loreza Winchester; she was single, had a compatible sign and was already well along in her career.

Unfortunately, she was also a vampire, so talking outside during the day didn’t work so well for her.

His siblings continued to work on their skills. Pollux finally mastered painting and became a Proficient Painter, while Medea was flying through the Writing challenges.

Tyche finally had a job where she was asked to save a sim, rather than just put out fires.

Completion of the job gave her a promotion to Fire Chief! This would enable sims to learn the athletic skill in different ways, and overcoming the muscle degeneration would allow large objects to be moved.

That same day, Ashley came home with a promotion to International Super Spy, also topping her career. The suspicion and paranoia surrounding the new town was beginning to lift, as the residents befriended their neighbours and learned to trust once again. Younger sims would now be allowed to leave the home lot to socialise at the community park, if they so chose.

Ashley also finally maxed her athletic skill.

With the new allowances, some changes were made to the bunker. The double bed was moved downstairs, and the upstairs separated into a kitchen/dining area and a living room area, complete with a second living chair.

Pollux was the first to try out the new chair, of course. He had taken a job as a dishwasher at the newly-opened restaurant; he was aiming to teach the town more about cooking.

Castor, on the other hand, was sick of the military restrictions on which lots he could and could not visit. While he wasn’t really interested in going through the military career, he found that there was an alternate way he could lift the restrictions.

He would become a Ninja Master.

To do that, he had to master the logic, athletic and martial arts skills, among other things. So when he became too fatigued to bash up the training dummy, he played chess.

Or upgraded the plumbing at base camp, to help with his LTW.

While in Shang Simla, he still had to abide by most of the home restrictions, including curfew and the one meal per day limitation.

But the view was certainly worth it.

He was only able to travel for three days at a time, but purchased a training dummy to practise at home.

After his first trip, it was time for graduation. Ashley decided it would be great fun to stick her tongue out to catch snowflakes. Sometimes Castor wondered if she had ever really grown up.

It was ironic that they could still ‘graduate’ with an F grade. But there was no helping it, until someone built a high school, there was no way for them to get an education. Castor wasn’t quite sure
why the town still held graduation ceremonies, perhaps it was just a rite of passage for young adulthood.

After the ceremony, there was a crowd of people outside, so the family took the time to get to know some more of the locals.

Graduation rolled into a presentation for Tyche, so everyone hung around to watch her receive the trophy of honor.

Nikki’s first grandchild was born that night. Ariadne would have been so pleased for her friend to see her lineage continue.

Medea was now a Speed Writer.

And had a list of Best Sellers that were added to the family tally.

Castor’s second trip to Shang Simla went much like the first, although this time he worked more on the board breaker.

By the time the trip was over, he could break oak boards and meditate.

Back home, Tyche had taken to training her fellow firefighters, ahead of her impending retirement from the force.

Pollux had taken over the cooking duties, but was still limited to one fresh meal per day. Sometimes this meant the family could have a nice meal, but other times they were still forced to eat stale PB&J.

He also received a promotion and began moving up the ranks of the culinary career.

Theseus continued his quiet skilling; he was focusing on charisma and athletic when he was able to tear himself away from reading all the books his twin wrote.

Before too long, it was their birthday!

Medea took after Ariadne and Tyche in thinking birthdays were hilarious and not worrying about appropriate outfits.

The second she chose her LTW, she completed it, for she had exceeded $4000 in weekly royalties a long time ago.

Theseus was no longer quite such a happy guy; he sometimes found himself in a grumpy mood and nothing would be able to pull him out of it for hours.

It was only a few hours later that Ashley succumbed to starvation, having forgotten food while on a days-long spy mission.

The family were devastated. Pollux barely slept anymore, he only rocked in the rocking chair Ashley had purchased with her last bonus.

Over the course of his lifetime, the cheap toilet and sink had broken so often that Castor had now repaired them 10 times, earning himself the title of Plumber.

Medea decided she wanted to be a doctor, in the hope of ending some of the diseases that plagued the new town.

Castor took another trip, hoping to work out the sadness.

On this one, he concentrated on sparring matches; as part of his quest to become a ninja master, he would need to win a fight against ten different Chinese residents.

He also worked his way through many oak boards and eventually became what was known as a Timber Terminator.

When he arrived home, it was time for the graduation of Medea and Theseus.


Lifts completed:
Master Thief
Alien Technology

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