2.02 – Sparring

Previously, Medea and Theseus aged up to YA, and Ashley starved to death.

The family continued working on their skills when they weren’t at work. Pollux was sad he couldn’t display or sell any of the many paintings he had completed, but there really wasn’t a market for art at present, not when people were still struggling to survive.

Castor finally reached a dream of shattering a space rock block.

And shortly afterward he mastered the martial arts skill.

Theseus surprised the family when he decided to take a job with the fortune telling wagon that had recently arrived in town. Though he didn’t tell them for fear of being overheard, he had plans to get rid of the mob that controlled the town.

Pollux was doing well in his career; he’d now graduated to slicing the vegetables.

The others in town were also flourishing; the children of the original townies were now pairing up and having children of their own.

Pollux still spent a lot of time in Ashley’s rocking chair. He was slowly making his way through the cookbooks Ariadne had purchased when she’d first arrived in town. Though their ingredients were still limited, he was looking forward to when he would be able to cook whenever he wished.

While at home, Castor was working in the political career. He didn’t really like it much, but it was a requirement of his ambition of becoming a martial arts master.

Every afternoon after work, he would befriend those sims who hung out in front of city hall.

Until finally he had 20 friends and became known as Super Friendly.

Then one day, he was called upon to save the campaign and received a promotion for his efforts. His new title left a bad taste in his mouth; he didn’t want to be anybody’s Yes-Man.

So he quit and joined the police force instead.

Medea also earned her first promotion.

Before his first shift in law enforcement, Castor made another trip to Shang Simla. This time he was all about the sparring.

Part of his requirement was to spar with 10 different China residents. So what better way to do so than taking part in the Martial Arts tournament while he was there?

Since he had mastered martial arts, he flew through the first few ranks quite quickly, and it wasn’t until the third rank that he began to lose the occasional match.

Upon getting home, he somehow managed to snag a promotion on his very first shift!

Medea also received another promotion, and was now given scrubs as a uniform, which she was very proud to wear.

This also meant she would now be in charge of the occasional event for the hospital. The first of these was a vaccination clinic, in the hope that the recent flu vaccine would help prevent all of the residents from becoming ill.

Though she was a bit overawed by the number of people who showed up, Medea proved herself more than capable; her boss was very impressed.

Her brothers were also impressing their respective bosses and earning more promotions.

The town was seeing an influx of babies.

It reminded Castor that he was supposed to continue the family legacy. With this in mind, he invited Loreza over.

After a couple of friendly interactions to solidify their relationship, he took the plunge and flirted with her. She was receptive!

Things went well after that.

Until he tried to kiss her. She rejected him and ran off. He was heart-broken.

So, of course, he ran back to China.

Only four matches and he was declared the Grand Master.

He spent the last few hours of his trip meditating while taking in the view; he knew he wouldn’t be able to return here in his lifetime.

Back home, the rest of the family were working on their skills, as usual. Tyche had taken to playing chess at the houses of her friends, just for the change of scenery.

Theseus realised he would need charisma to achieve his plan, so began working on this in between sparring with Castor for fun.

Castor was often tasked with fixing the computer; between Medea and Pollux it was almost constantly in use. He wished he could make it unbreakable, but it was such an old machine, there was no such upgrade.

Inviting Loreza over once more, Castor was successful in getting his first kiss!

He wasted no time, making her his girlfriend and then proposing.

And then she ran off again. Maybe it was the sun?

Instead, he practised as the sun went down.

That night, it was Tyche’s birthday to Adult. Time had gone by so fast!

It was only a moment later that she reached Logic L10 and completed her LTW.

The others were working their way up their respective career ladders.

Theseus was now able to give private readings, and had to practise on family.

Unfortunately, Tyche spent too much time sleeping outside in the snow. Since the others were at work, there was no-one to thaw her out before Grim made an appearance.

The rest of the family were devastated. Though they were coming to realise that perhaps the family was cursed to die early.

Castor and Theseus played chess to overcome their grief. They played enough that Castor maxed out logic.

He then threw himself into his work and reached L4 of the Law Enforcement career.

The only task he had left was to max out the athletic skill, so he set to work.

Day and night.

The others earned more promotions.

Tyche’s first visit was uneventful; everyone was asleep.

Castor tinkered with the toilet enough to max out his handiness skill and complete his LTW.

He then was finally able to pin Loreza down long enough to say their vows and get married.

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