2.03 – Completions

Previously, Castor completed the career portions of his lift, wooed and married Loreza Winchester, while Tyche completed her LTW then promptly froze to death.

Theseus maxed out athletic.

Medea was tasked with holding a free clinic, where she learned how to use all her diagnosing equipment.

Being a vampire, Loreza was forced to drink blood. Castor was more than happy to allow her to drink his.

The family continued their various skilling activities when they weren’t working.

More promotions for the family. If only they didn’t have to pay the mob every week, they would be stockpiling so much money for future generations.

Castor maxed athletic and completed his requirements for a Ninja Master. Now the (adult) residents would be free to roam the town, for the streets were safe once more.

He then took up painting, though he wouldn’t be able to sell or display any of them.

Loreza had the same LTW as Medea, and completed it within a few days of moving in.

She also wrote a best-selling Satire novel, to add to the family collection of best-sellers.

And then she earned her first promotion in the house, already L8 in the Music career.

Poor Pollux got singed at work. Due to the water restrictions he wasn’t able to bathe, so would stay this way until the medical restriction was lifted.

The family that skills together, stays together.

Loreza maxed out her guitar skill before long; her vampire abilities sped up her skilling at night.

Pollux added a best-selling Fantasy novel to the family collection.

Theseus was making friends all over town, and giving private readings to whoever would accept one.

Adult Birthday time for Castor and Pollux.

Medea wrote the first Masterpiece of the challenge.

The next few days brought a plethora of maxed out skills.

Until Pollux maxed his Writing skill and completed his LTW in the process.

Loreza donated some of the books she had written to make a start on a public library for the town. She felt so charitable for the rest of the day.

Between Medea, Loreza and Pollux, the computer was constantly in use. Pretty soon, Castor had repaired it ten times and became known as an Electrician.

On her next work shift, Loreza earned her last promotion and became a Hit Movie Composer. The toxic ash was now cleared from the town and items were able to be placed outside. The spirits of people in town lifted, enabling wishes to be locked and more lifetime happiness to be earned.

Pollux wrote a novel that was not only a Masterpiece but also a best-seller; so was added to two different lists.

Castor and Loreza celebrated their accomplishments.

And before long, generation 3 was on the way.

She wanted a boy, while Castor wished for a girl.

Medea’s reading habits were suddenly thrust into the light. She’d read
so many books.

Adult birthdays for Theseus and Medea.

Castor was very attentive to Loreza while she was pregnant, showering her with affection.

He couldn’t wait to become a father.

It seemed only a short time later that Loreza went into labour in the early hours of the morning.

The baby was a girl. She was a Couch Potato and Easily Impressed, so they named her Aergia, after the Greek God of laziness and indolence.

Pollux was the next one to top his career, emerging as a culinary master. Many of the restrictions on food and cooking were lifted; the family could now cook as many meals as they had the money and ingredients for, and they could use a stove.

They immediately purchased a stove, and Pollux made hamburgers for the first time. Fresh food was still limited, but their meal options were expanded, at least.

The new food options also included plasma packs for Loreza, so she was no longer forced to drink from other sims.

Only a few days later, Medea topped the Medical career. The Green Cross restoration effort restored running water to the town, enabling baths and showers to be used. They also brought in medicine and contraceptives, allowing fewer people to die of avoidable diseases.

Aergia’s birthday snuck up on the family; she was human like Castor, with his eye colour and Loreza’s hair.

Loreza finally maxed out her logic skill.

She and Castor celebrated the old fashioned way.

It was left to the other adults in the house to teach Aergia her skills; her parents were too wrapped up in one another.

Though there was still no room in the bunker for a crib, the woman who made the sleeping bags had now branched out into creating little blankets for the toddlers to sleep on.

Loreza became pregnant again, once more hoping for a boy.

There were a couple of new families in town; the Langurds and the Terreys. They settled in quickly.

Medea befriended Yoda Terrey.

Then decided she liked him.

He was amenable to the kiss.

But then decided to make silly faces instead of continuing the flirting.

Loreza maxed out her athletic skill.

Castor finally decided to help his daughter with her skills, though she wasn’t very appreciative.

Just in time for the new baby to make an appearance.

Correction, babie
The firstborn was a girl named Thalia, goddess of festivity and poetry. She’s Eccentric and Excitable.
The sought-after boy was named Heracles, because he was Athletic and Insane.

With the limited space in the bunker, the twins were relegated to a corner of the kitchen.

Castor maxed his charisma skill.

He and Loreza were still more interested in one another than their children.

Loreza even wished to serenade him.

Theseus earned another promotion.

And then it was birthday time for generation 3. Aergia didn’t seem to be growing up much, still very enthusiastic with toddler toys.

Thalia had Castor’s dark skin and turquoise eyes, with Loreza’s hair.

Heracles had Loreza’s pale skin, Castor’s turquoise eyes and Ashley’s blonde hair. The twins were both vampires.

Lifts completed:

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    1. To be fair, Ariadne, Tyche and Medea were all Inappropriate, so they were usually clean. Until I hid the sink because Pollux kept washing up the spoiled food! That was the hardest part of the challenge, hands down, the food!

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