2.04 – Cursed

Previously, Loreza and Castor were more interested in one another than their three children. Four lifts were completed, meaning only Theseus is yet to complete his out of gen 2.

The vampire toddlers slept differently from the human ones, almost as if they were in a coffin.

Theseus found he could even give private readings to the ghosts, despite not being able to actually touch them.

Castor and Medea maxed out some skills.

Aergia was very fond of her baby siblings; she was always hugging and entertaining them.

She also took it upon herself to feed them when the adults were busy.

Loreza had spent all day breaking space rock blocks and had forgotten to eat. Unfortunately for her, vampires don’t last too long without sustenance.

She was the first in the family to earn a large gravestone, however.

Castor was devastated and was barely able to move from the bed for the next few days. His siblings took to taking up the space on the other side of the bed, just to keep him company.

Medea was very unhappy, and decided to rant about death.

That was a mistake. Grim was not pleased with her.

Even the toddlers picked up on the sadness permeating the house.

There were lots of cuddles going around as the adults tried to hug away the sadness.

Pollux tried out the new indoor pool in the gymnasium. However, he forgot to learn how to swim first.

Three deaths in twenty-eight hours. The family was definitely cursed.

But the family had to continue on; Castor worked on skilling up the twins.

While Aergia made friends at the community park.

The skills were completed just in time for their birthdays.

Thalia suddenly had two left feet, and was constantly tripping over herself.

Heracles always wanted to be outside, as Thyche had.

Castor was awake when Loreza made her first appearance after death. They picked up where they had left off.

The kids went ice skating on Sunday; Aergia was most annoyed to find that her vampire siblings could basically run around perfectly right off the bat.

They had pancakes for lunch, enjoying the freshly cooked food.

Aergia invited over a friend from school, Manuel Olten-Tart.

One great-grandmother was Beignet Tart, the sim Tyche was cloned from, and another was Nikki Caetano, Ariadne’s friend (top left hand side).

The four kids had a snowball fight for the rest of the day, until they were all best of friends.

Castor’s elder birthday snuck up on the family; he could have sworn he had a few more days. He knew that sims didn’t last long after aging up to elder, and they became senile right away. He could no longer be issued any commands.

So when he chose to spend the entire night playing with the board breaker rather than sleeping alone in the bed, no-one could stop him.

Theseus met a girl he really liked.

And was successful in earning that first kiss. He may not have been able to move out of the house, but he could still find romance.

Two of the new immigrants, Padme Terrey and Gumby Langurd, found love with one another.

While Lena and Cherry Pie brought a new sim into the town.

Aergia aged up to teen, and suddenly became scared of the dark.

She immediately took to cooking for the family; since Pollux had died, Castor had been trying his best, but he was now too old.

Theseus finally brought home a promotion to Celebrity Psychic. He was successful in scamming the mob into leaving town, so no-one had to pay protection money any longer.

They were also able to get more comfortable when sitting, so purchased some new living chairs that a carpenter had made.

Life went on; the younger kids went to school, the adults went to work, everyone skilled when they were home.

Until it was time for the twins to age up to teen.

Heracles was now a connoisseur of the arts and went around critiquing everything.

Thalia was the opposite of Aergia; she wasn’t afraid of anything.

Though the vending machines imported with the gym didn’t take the coins used in town, there was a rumour that candy could fall down if the machines were slammed. Theseus decided to try it out.

It wasn’t a great idea.

Yet another accidental death in the Minos family.

The teens all felt the loss keenly; with their father a senile elder and close to death himself, it wouldn’t be long before it was just the three of them.

A pair of bunk-beds were purchased to make more room on the lower level, without the need for sleeping bags.

Thalia and Heracles were best of friends, and pledged to be best friends forever.

They then tried to cheer one another up.

Mr Athletic Heracles moved the treadmill downstairs, so he could work out without worrying about the sun.

Thalia began working on her LTW of Chess Legend, inviting over other sims to play matches for the inaugural town tournament.

Lena and Cherry Pie had a baby boy named Cemre.

To blow off some steam, Thalia began a snowball fight.

The entire family and her chess opponent all joined in.

Steam successfully blown, the family returned to skilling.

Aergia wished for a dartboard, which was very useful in forcing Castor to come in from the cold.

Thalia was meeting many of the townspeople with her chess matches.

Castor got out of his bunk to die of old age, leaving the three teens along in the house.

He came back out before too long, and went right back to doing what he always had; exercising.

Once more, the twins tried to cheer one another up.

Even having a pillow fight.

It was only a few days before Aergia had her birthday and the house had an adult supervising once more.

Aergia was overcome with an urge to steal things, but would have to suppress it to complete her goal of topping their Journalism career.

Lifts completed:

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